Are you looking for a deepening in your contact with horses? Would you - in connection with horses - like to grow towards a more harmonious life that is more in accord with who you are?


Now more than ever we humans have the chance to heal our lost connection to nature. To start growing into who we truly are and create our lives starting from happiness, trust and ease.


From the realisation that we are one with everything around us, follows that everything we think and do influences the world around us. With our thoughts, emotions and actions we create our outside world. What happens in our lives reflects our attitude.  


Our thoughts and emotions are influenced by our personal history and experiences. We often feel trapped in fear, negative thought patterns and emotions. Becoming aware of these thoughts and emotions helps you to express who you really are, to become truly self-empowered and to create the things you really want in your life.




Horses are very sentient beings and they react to everything they observe in our thoughts, emotions and posture. In the interaction with horses you learn when you are truly open, what you are actually revealing about your leadership, where your problems lie. To me working together with horses means working from connection, respect and freedom, in a way that both human and horse have possibilities to learn.


I work with horses that live in situations where their health and social needs are guaranteed as much as possible.



Work forms and locations
The work forms in which I offer these learning possibilities are Coaching with Horses, Groundwork and Riding.

I live in Amsterdam and work mainly between Amsterdam – Hilversum – Utrecht, but also further away.

I spend a few months every year in Pelion, Greece. I’m preparing lessons and workshops there.


If my website appeals to you, please contact me. I look forward to meeting you.