Coaching with horses


Are you dreaming of a new direction in your life that is more in line with your deepest wishes? Would you like to feel more empowered in the choices you make? Feel more ease and happiness while creating your life? Would you like to practice solutions for a difficult situation or a new possibility in a safe setting? Are you curious about horses and at the same time afraid of them?


Then a coaching with horses might be just the thing for you.


Horses are very sentient and they read without fail our energies, intentions and stress. From that sentient and perceptive place they respond to us, and in doing so they hand us information about our attitude and behaviour. In working with horses we are asked to step out of our minds and fully experience what is happening at this moment in the here-and-now in ourselves, our bodies and our environment. From our thinking we move into our experience.


In a coaching with horses you can really feel where a problem is situated, you can shed light on impediments and fully experience them, and in the safe setting of the coaching you can practise other behaviour and new possibilities.


What will we do during the coaching?


I always start the coaching with an interview in which we bring more clarity in your question. What exactly is bothering you? Where in your body do you feel that? What do you yourself see as possible solutions? How could you implement that? What is keeping you from doing so? What would you like to practise?


Then we proceed to the horses. During the coaching the horses are free to choose whether they join in or not. Sometimes they only react from a distance, sometimes they come closer, or I might give you a small task with a horse. In my work I respect the place where all the participants are in their process – that goes for you as coachee as well as for the horse. The coaching session with horses could provide you with new insights, there could be confronting or painful moments but also deeply touching, relaxing or funny moments. Together we explore the meaning of what the horses show during the process, and what new possibilities this gives you.


Afterwards we look at what the session has brought you and how you can implement this in your life. The point is to enable you to make a next step in your development or find the solution to a problem starting from your own inner power and insights.


The duration of a coaching is about an hour and a half. You don’t need to have any experience with horses.


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